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Co-Creative Guitar Method

Beginning the Journey

is a compilation of the lessons I teach every student including:

Basic Chords, Scales, I, IV, V Chord Progressions,
Note Reading, Tuning and Caterpillar Exercises.

Shows how to move everything around the fretboard, via the CAGED system
Includes the formulas for the topics covered

Over 30 Pre-Planned Lessons

By the end of this book students will have a very good grasp of their fretboard
and the basic fundamentals of guitar.

For beginner to intermediate guitarists

ISBN 0-473-09717-6

Learning music is a process of understanding formulas.

The importance of building a solid foundation as a building block
to understanding guitar cannot be overlooked.

If I could spend my first 5 years of playing over again,
I would want to have a tutor work me through this method book, immediately.

As one of millions of originally self-taught guitarists,
I have to tell you that is the long slow road to learning guitar,
and at the end of the road, you are likely to understand very little.

Most beginner guitar methods fail to show the connections
naturally occuring on the fretboard.

Sure we can play 'Mary Had A Little Lamb' at the end of it,
'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' and maybe a couple of interesting songs too.
But in my experience, we are left in the dark, hungering for the missing links.

The Co-Creative Guitar Method is designed to show the relationships,
so you can play anything you want to, understand your guitar,
and be creative in your playing.

Here's an overview of some of the lessons:


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