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Co-Creative Guitar Method

Colouring the Fretboard
The Workbook

is a detailed Work-Book showing the full possiblility of finding
Intervals, Chord Shapes & Scale Shapes on the entire neck,
helping you to find options through colouring the fretboard!

The ultimate chord finder, and an ideal accompaniment to any Guitar Method -
giving you mastery of the fretboard through colour

Includes Teaching/Learning Tips to help the tutor or student
57 pages

By the end of this book students will be able to find any chord in any position on their fretboard,
and an insight into their fretboard that has never been explored in any other guitar method

For beginner to advanced guitarists

ISBN 0-476-01596-0


Have you ever thought that guitar tab pictures of chords and scales are meaningless
black dots put on a graph,
that probably have some kind of pattern going on,
but you just can't see it? OK it gets familiar in the end, but it is quite confusing.

Colouring the Fretboard explores ideas touched on in Beginning the Journey and
Exploring New Worlds
and shows their full potential on the fretboard.

You will learn to recognise intervals as colours, not just a shape,
colouring in as you go.

This tansfers into chords. Learn to understand a chord by its colour features.
These are easily transposed into any key. We are just moving shapes around again.
(Sorry, you still need to know the Chromatic Scale!).

This book is a complete workbook, showing you chords in families, progressively.
First you will learn to understand the foundations behind all chords, the Major and Minor triads.
Then build them up to the seventh chords, then add extenstions and alterations.
At a glance you will see every option possible on the fretboard,
then select your own choices that suit you and your ear.

If you first can play the basic 3 note chord, then understand the addition of one note
to create one of the seventh chords, then the ability to create and play any of the
extended and altered chords becomes second nature. You will soon have an
entirely new repetoire of chords and new flavours under your fingertips.

You will colour the Major Scale and Relative Minor Scales, colour the Major & Minor Pentatonic &
Blues Scales, learn their relatives and colour the Modes.

This book is the ultimate chord finder, and is totally groundbreaking in the

world of guitar. This approach has never been seen before.


If colouring in the workbook sounds like hard work, your time is limited, or you run a library, then the edition for you is:


Co-Creative Guitar Method

Colouring the Fretboard
Master Edition in full colour


This edition is an exact replica but all the colouring is done for you.

If you want total understanding of your fretboard, and the freedom to think creatively, then you need to be working on the Co-Creative Guitar Method

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If for any reason you are unsatisfied you can return the book for a full refund.

That means you have nothing to lose. You can see if this unique guitar method is for you without any risk involved.


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