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Co-Creative Guitar Method

Exploring New Worlds

Goes into depth

Exploring Dynamics, Chords and Scales covering the entire neck using CAGED, Chord Construction,
Key Signatures, Building Chord Progressions, Intervals, Harmony, The Modes & Songwriting Tips!
Includes Teaching/Learning Tips to help the tutor or student

49 pages

By the end of this book students will have an excellent grasp of their fretboard and a
strong undertanding of music.

For intermediate to advanced guitarists

ISBN 0-473-09733-8


Do you have a solid foundation in guitar and hunger for more?

If Beginning the Journey satisfied your taste for knowledge, or you
are now quite at home with the basics of guitar, it's time for the next step.

Here's a peak at a few of the lessons:


At just twelve years old, two of my guitar students won prestigious awards
at the local Regional Rock Quest Final competition (2005)
One of them won the Musicianship Award, and that's after being only half way through
working on this book, and the other won the Female Musicanship Award (OK I confess,
that one is my daughter, and she has finished the book).

The point is these young kids really know their stuff on guitar,
and they are up there playing against up to 18 year olds!!

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That means you have nothing to lose.
You can see if this unique guitar method is for you without any risk involved.

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