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Guitar Method

Many guitarists can play a guitar reasonably well,
but have very little idea about what they are doing

More guitarists are self taught than any other instrument

Have you ever wondered why so many guitarists can play an Am chord, but not be able to play a C#m, and yet they may know how to find Bm. It is rare for a guitar method book to show that these chords are related to each other in shape - that only the position on the fretboard changes.

We are too often taught chords and scale shapes in isolation, leaving the mysteries of fretboard locked up for years until we somehow stumble across the relationships that tie chord and scale shapes together, as a cohesive circle that is a never ending spiral.

It's no wonder so many 'would-be' great guitarists are scratching their heads after years of playing.

I wanted to be able to use a method that explained the relationships
between one chord and another, and also between one scale and another.
Also I felt that a student just needed a prompt on what that chord or scale shape looked like, and how it was constructed, and then be free to use it on any song I wanted to teach.

So that's how this series came about.
First I designed it so that I could be flexible, yet thorough, with my students,
then later thought that other tutors would like the same opportunity,
and so it evolved in even more detail and became a published series of books.

There's no need to write your own method, because I've done that for you.
Which is exactly what one new tutor said to me, who is an excellent guitarist.
He'd been worried about what he was going to teach, and didn't have any plan.
He had a good look at the book, and got really excited and said:

"This is going to save me so much time,
you've written all the lessons for me"
C.S. Guitar Tutor

4 Editions

Beginning the Journey

Exploring New Worlds

& Colouring the Fretboard

as Workbook or Master Edition

By Leah O'Driscoll


Each book contains over 30 pre-planned guitar lessons
designed to make tutoring and learning guitar easy

Destamona have been working through Leah's Co-Creative Guitar Method Series

Progressive, Unique, Flexible. Offers Tutors stylistic freedom

Free Tutor Guide Included
Back-up Tutorial Support Guaranteed



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