Co-Creative Guitar Method


I'm so glad I can get these, I had borrowed a copy from the library and its by far the most clearly set out and helpful book I have found.
Definately one that I should have my own copy of, so I can write notes/colour it in etc.

I hope you will contact fishpond and let them know it is available, I hate to think of people missing out on such a great book.

E. Reddington

"All the information contained in Co-Creative Guitar Method - Beginning the Journey
book is what every guitar player needs to know, but most don't.

I would suggest you learn all this material so you know it really well.
Then you know you will have given yourself the best possible start."

Kevin Downing
Guitarist, teacher, author, and columnist for NZ Musician Magazine

"I am really impressed with your instruction books
and have recommended the purchase of
the first guitar book to all students I tutor."

Maria Wistrand
Itinerant Tutor

"Leah's Co-Creative Guitar Method is an excellent book
containing knowledge required by guitarists of any level.
As a guitarist of ten years I have found Leah's Method informative
and inspirational and studying with her has been a pleasure."

Alan Dunbar
Guitar Student

“Most people find understanding the guitar fretboard a little difficult, but Leah’s new
Co-Creative Guitar Method book - Colouring the Fretboard
will make it a lot easier.
Once you have worked through this book,
you will be well ahead of all the other
guitar players out there“.

Kevin Downing
Guitarist, teacher, author, and columnist for NZ Musician Magazine.



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